Think like a PM

This post is about the transition from being a project contributor to the project manager. It is a summary of a talk I prepared for a client who had employed me to teach their project managers about project management.

The company in question had excellent products and excellent staff. Working for them was a real joy although I wasn’t exactly welcomed with open arms at first.

The current project managers earned their stripes by slaving away on numerous installations before being given an installation of their own to manage. They were good at what they did and were rightly proud of themselves. Suddenly the owner saw fit to employ a ‘Senior Project Manager’, with absolutely no knowledge of the products being installed and limited knowledge of the target environment. There were a lot of noses seriously out of joint. They made no secret of their displeasure at my appointment but they did so openly, dispassionately and honestly; and that allowed me to respond.

Their problem was that they would quote 45 hours to install their product and more often than not it would take closer to 150 hours. While they were very good at installing and integrating their product into their client’s workplace they had not had any management training. That’s what I was there for.

Rather than turn it into a narrative. I’ll let you see the mind map, which I used to construct my talk. I will summarise some key points in my next post.

mind map of thinking like a project manager